Get fit for the Cold Season with Schuessler Tissue Salts!

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While lack of sleep increases the risk of catching a cold, exercising will reduce the risk of infection



Nothing beats exercising outside in the fresh air. But what if you are feeling sick and exhausted? Best to strengthen your body right now with the help of gentle medicines. Prepare your body’s defences for the cold season and enjoy the outdoors – and forget about catching a cold or the flu.

Have you ever wondered what makes us strong and resistant to such symptoms as cough, runny nose or hoarseness? Or what helps in a flash if you get them anyways? Undoubtedly, it’s minerals! Because they are the true multi-talents: They can relieve physical and emotional conditions – all without side effects.  I like them especially because they work wonderfully together with homeopathic remedies. If you are on constitutional treatment right now, taking some Schuessler salts in addition will enhance your overall treatment.

Let me explain how you can benefit from the healing powers of Schuessler tissue salts.


Establishing Balance

Minerals are an important component in long-lasting health because they are what enable the makeup and functioning of organic life in the first place. As such, no process in our body can take place without the minerals. As components, they are necessary for the makeup of the body, for which they are needed in larger quantities. And as operating materials, in the finest distribution they control the processes of all of the body’s functions. This is where the doctrine of Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821 – 1898) began. He developed the thesis that almost all physical complaints were due to a mineral imbalance within the cells. Then once the organism is supplied with the salts it’s lacking, balance is re-established – and thus serious illness averted.  He and his colleagues discovered, one by one, twelve biochemical salts identified as functional agents. Schuessler was convinced that these substances of life were capable of providing permanent health.

This is how Schuessler Salts work

In order for the mineral substances to reach their destination, they must be diluted to the point where they can penetrate the cell. The result: Metabolic processes in the cells return to normal, and the body’s self-healing powers are activated. This 100-year-old, proven healing knowledge can be very beneficial to all, especially at this time of year!

This one is a must!

Ferrum phosphoricum is the anti-cold salt. Number 4 strengthens the immune system to combat the first signs of infection. Experts recommend taking it in cases of sudden onset of cough, hoarseness, and sore throat. And number 4 is also the base salt for mineral combinations that battle germs so they have no chance of survival.


Here are the most effective Schuessler salt therapies for the fall and winter:

The Finally Fit Again Regime helps regain strength quicklyNumber 4 + Number 6 + Number 10:

Regardless of whether the burden is physical or emotional – lack of sleep, stress or tension will all weaken the body in the long run. Using the number 4 together with Kalium phosphoricum (number 6) and Natrium phosphoricum (number 10) will help. Because this combination of mineral salts promotes regeneration and gives new strength.


Take number 6 in the morning, number 4 at noon and number 10 in the evening. In each case, dissolve three tablets of the remedy in approx. 200 ml of hot water. Take small sips of the salt solution and always keep the solution in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Do this for four weeks.


Immunity Regime strengthens defensesNumber 4 + Number 7 + Number 8:

This threesome is the ideal mineral combination to strengthen the immune system against bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. The salts work synergistically, complementing and supporting each other in their action.

Directions: Take three tablets of Ferrum phosphoricum (number 4) in the morning, three tablets of Magnesium  phosphoricum (number 8) in the afternoon, and in the evening three tablets of Kalium sulphuricum (number 7). For maximum benefit follow this regime for at least four weeks. You can take this mineral salt combination for longer as well, but do take a one to two week break after every four weeks of use.


Anti-Stress Regime for Nerves of SteelNumber 4 + Number 6 + Number 8:

Feelings of stress, nervousness, mental overload – those who are feeling particularly thin-skinned on the dark, cold days, can trust these three for their relaxing and calming action: Ferrum phosphoricum (Number 4), Kalium phosphoricum (Number 6) and Magnesium phosphoricum (Number 8).


Take three each of these tablets in this sequence: Number 6 in the morning, number 4 at noon and number 8 in the evening. You can use this anti-stress regime for three weeks.


Schuessler Salts are for the whole Family

Many of you know the small pellets used in homeopathy, but you may be wondering what the difference is between the homeopathic pellets and the white mineral salt tablets. Well, at first sight they do have a lot of things in common. But they are based on different principles. The older system of homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars or “like cures like”, that is, a plant or mineral substance which causes a fever when taken in toxic doses by a healthy person can reduce these same symptoms in a sick person when given in homeopathic potency. The basic approach with Schuessler salts is quite different. It assumes that complaints develop because of lacking mineral salts in the body and that this interferes with important biochemical processes. Schuessler salt remedies help correct this imbalance by supplying particularly fine and highly effective minerals that can penetrate the cells directly and take full effect there.

Who will benefit from the remedies?

Schuessler tissue salts belong in everybody’s home medicine chest because they are without exception suitable to everyone.

How are the Schuessler salts properly taken?

In acute complaints, adults should dissolve 1 tablet in their mouths every 15 minutes, up to 20 tablets per day. This way, the mineral substances can get directly into the body through the mucosa. People who are chronically ill or are on a regime may take three to four different salts in combination. In this case, 3 to 6 tablets per remedy can be taken daily.

What substances should be avoided while taking mineral salts?

If you are on a Schuessler tissue salt regime, switch to using a peppermint and menthol free toothpaste. The essential oil can lessen the effectiveness of the remedies. Meals, coffee or tea are not a problem if you take your remedy at least 10 minutes before or after the meal.

What are the limitations of self-medication with Schuessler tissue salts?

If there is no improvement after three to five days of use, or if the complaints worsen, seek medical advice from your physician or natural health care practitioner.


                                                                   The 12 Salts of your Life-


Mineral salts help the body to heal itself




Number 1 Calcarea fluoratumKeeps the skin and connective tissue young and elastic, and strengthens bones and joints too. Advice for the cold season:Cold wind and warm furnace air can irritate the skin – can make it dry, scaly and itchy. If this is the problem, 2 tablets taken twice daily will help.

Number 2 Calcarea phosphoricum

This renewing remedy strengthens the body and soul and gives new energy. It has a positive effect on the regeneration of cells, and strengthens the bones and teeth. Advice for the cold season: With the time change, many will feel weak and powerless. Take 1 – 2 tablets three to six times daily here.

Number 3 Calcarea sulphuricum

As a regenerative remedy it strengthens bones, cartilage and joint function. Specialists use it for arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis, in personalized doses. Advice for the cold season: If the cold causes achy joints, take 4 tablets twice daily.

Number 4 Ferrum phosphoricum

Is suitable for early infections, as well as infections of the inner organs, such as the stomach. Advice for the cold season: For early infections the “hot 4” is helpful: Dissolve 10 tables in hot water and sip the solution. Important: keep the solution in your mouth for 5 seconds before every sip!

Number 5 Kalium muriaticum

Strengthens the fine, moist tissues, i.e. in the airways and intestines, also the connective tissue. Advice for the cold season: Stuffy nose? Tenacious cough? Take 3 tablets three times daily to drain the secretions.

Number 6 Kalium phosphoricum

Helps with mental complaints such as exhaustion, sleep disturbances, nervousness and stressed feelings. Advice for the cold season: The long, dark days often affect people’s mood. To strengthen your nerves, dissolve 10 tablets in a glass of hot water and take on an empty stomach in the morning, for four weeks.

Number 7 Kalium sulphuricum

Improves oxygenation in the body and supports the liver in its cleansing work. It is used for all chronic infections such as the sinuses or for joint pain. Advice for the cold season: For chronic complaints that flare up during the flu season take 1 tablet each hour on the first day, and 2 tablets three times daily starting on the second day, until there is improvement.

Number 8 Magnesium phosphoriucum

Calms the nervous system, alleviates pain signals, improves the nourishment of muscles. Advice for the cold season: Changeable weather triggers migraine attacks in some. For acute complaints use the “hot 8”. Dissolve 10 tablets in hot water and sip.

Number 9 Natrium muriaticum

Regulates the body’s water balance. Also acts as a pick-me-upper. Advice for the cold season: When the sun is not out as often, the body produces more sleep hormones. Taking 1 – 2 tablets three times daily will help with fatigue.

Number 10 Natrium phosphoricum

Activates the metabolism and regulates the body’s pH balance. It also stimulates digestion of fats and unburdens the liver. Advice for the cold season: Heartburn, bloating or discomfort after grilled food? Take 3 tablets three times daily. This dosage will also help to alkalize and strengthen the organism when taken as a 6-week regimen.

Number 11 Natrium sulphuricum

As a clearing salt it regulates the liver and gall bladder function. It helps to reduce deposits in the connective tissue. Advice for the cold season: In the case of digestive issues or if you are on a diet, take 2 tablets three times per day before meals, for four weeks.

Number 12 Silicea

In the biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler, it is deemed to be a rejuvenation remedy. It ensures toned skin and flexible connective tissue, and strengthens the hair and nails. Other areas of application include varicose veins and arteriosclerosis. Advice for the cold season: With the change of the seasons many women complain of hair loss. Take 3 – 5 tablets over the day. Use for the longer term.




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