“To keep the body in good health is a duty…Otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”




  • Aromatherapy (1 hour)
    • Oils and scents are very powerful for healing; oils assist in balancing the body, increasing vitality and reducing stress.
    • $60.00

 Bach Flower Therapy

  • Bach Flower Consultation (30 minutes)
    • Bring negative moods and emotions back into balance with your personal formula of English Wildflower Remedies. Being able to deal constructively with these negative feelings will open the path to new growth, evolvement, personal fulfillment and happiness.
    • This treatment is based on the guidelines and principles of the renowned British physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher, Dr. Edward Bach, who believed that negative moods like jealousy, worry, fear and hopelessness, when left uncorrected, can compromise the immune system and lead to physical disease.  He discovered and developed the 38 English wildflower remedies, each of which address everyday negative moods and emotions, thereby helping to bring about emotional harmony and general well-being. According to Bach, the wildflower remedies work by flooding the negative emotional state with its opposite virtue. Thus, courage replaces fear, confidence supersedes self-doubt, love/ jealousy, etc.
    • The consultation will focus on areas such as fear, uncertainty and loneliness among others. Based on the areas that need special attention, a personalized English Wildflower Formula is prepared and given at the end of the consultation.
    • Bach Flower remedies are natural, safe, non-addictive and without side effects. They do not interfere with other medications, conventional or homeopathic, and may be used by adults, children and animals.
    • $60.00

Guided Visualization with Crystal Therapy

  • Guided Visualization with Crystal Therapy (1 hour or 30 minutes)
    • Another form of relaxation and increasing awareness with crystals. Experience the benefit of using these powerful stones that help release stress.
    • $60.00 for 1 hour
    • $30.00 for 30 minutes

Meditative Sound and Vibrational Therapy

  • Meditative Sound and Vibrational Therapy (1 hour)
    • Tuning forks and sound is used for healing because of the resonating effect that it causes within the body.
    • $60.00

Nutritional Analysis

  • Nutritional Analysis
    • Find out which dietary recommendations and supplements are likely to be of most benefit in your unique case.  A comprehensive analysis of over 600 bodily signs of nutritional imbalance based on the exceptional methodology developed by David Rowland. Measuring biochemical individuality, this approach is often more reliable than laboratory tests for determining nutritional weaknesses.
    • The patient will be asked to fill out and submit a lengthy questionnaire based on which 65 nutrient categories are analyzed.
    • Includes a 15 minute appointment with your homeopath to discuss the analysis. You will receive a colour graph prioritizing weaknesses, items of concern and items to watch, explanations of each weakness and dietary guidelines.
    • The questionnaire is not intended to  diagnose disease conditions, rather, its  sole  purpose  is  to  educate  and  to  inform,  to  assess  bodily  signs which may relate to  nutritional imbalances.
    • $60.00

Past Life Regression

  • Past Life Regression (1 hour)
    • Removes karmic blocks
    • $120.00


  • Reflexology (45 minutes)
    • Helps the body with eliminating toxic build up, by increasing circulation and overall well-being.
    • $60.00

Transitional Mindfulness Meditation with Chakra Balancing

  • Transitional Mindfulness Meditation with Chakra Balancing (1 hour)
    • De-clutter your mind by exploring conditioned issues, worries and emotional blocks. Learn techniques that will help release your mind chatter. Learn to create a clear mind by increasing your inner knowledge.
    • 50.00 for 1 hour


  • Usui and Kundalini Reiki (1 hour)
    • Activates the body’s energetic flow by helping release blocks that are created in the physical body by eating incorrectly, not expressing emotions, and by lack of movement.
    • $80.00

Holistic Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching with Hypnosis or Meditation (1st visit: 2 hours) (2nd visit: 1.5 hours)
    • Retrain your mind and delve into the lifestyle changes that you’ve been waiting to make. Learn stress management techniques that can be applied to your daily life. Take new steps into pursuing your goals by releasing conditioned patterns.
    • $150.00 for 1st visit (2 hours)
    • $120.00 for 2nd visit and on follow- up (1.5 hours)

Yoga and Workshops

  • Yoga and Workshops (1 hour)
    • To learn about all these techniques, offered in group settings, call Elizabeth directly at 519-841-9278

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