You can feel love in the tummy. For one thing. But you can feel it everywhere else too: You can feel it in your whole body, in your mind and your soul. If this is where you are hurting, then a holistic remedy is exactly what you need. Homeopathic pellets can be really effective.

Homeopathy demonstrates its legitimate claim as a holistic therapy in matters of love too. The little pellets can help in cases of jealousy and increase attractiveness. They act as aphrodisiac agents and can support you on the way to blissful happiness.

Love is a heavenly power, so they say. Nobody knows for sure why people fall in love. Is there really such a thing as a higher power that plays a role here and makes it happen? Or is it a mix of coincidences and hormones? More and more findings suggest the latter. MRI’s show that some areas in the brains of people who are intensely in love, are better supplied with blood. This is an exceptional state of the messengers, seen under normal circumstances only as the brain’s reaction to cocaine!

On the other hand, in those who feel rejected, we often see increased levels of cortisol and adrenalin which can last for weeks, even months. This can result in serious illness, according to findings of US researchers at the University of Baltimore. The immune system gets measurably weaker too, opening the door to infectious diseases. Blood pressure increases and sometimes dangerous arrhythmia can develop, leading to death in rare cases. So, when you listen to love songs about dying from a broken heart, then this is not so exaggerated by any means. Love can be dangerous.

A team of neurologists at the University of Tübingen in Germany was able to prove that withdrawal of love and affection leaves imprints in the brain similar to those of depression. So it is no wonder that love sickness is seen as a medical problem and treated accordingly with anti-depressants. But this type of treatment often has side effects. It can cause fatigue, lack of motivation and feeling, and likely will make it more difficult to fall in love again.

It is easy to understand then, why lovelorn people are increasingly seeking out homeopaths. Because homeopathic medicines act gently and safely, while achieving remarkable results in many cases. In particular, the dilutions of poisonous plant extracts are very effective. Homeopathy can help calm down a nervous person on a date, it can increase attractiveness and bring out harmony, both in relationships as well as on the sexual level. Even in choosing your partner, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s alternative healing method has some helpful hints. Because love and homeopathy both work based on the same principle: Both are looking for something in the opposite that is suitable as a remedy based on the Law of Similars, that is, its high degree of similarity.

Your Constitutional Remedy – a Magic Bullet for Love

It helps – no matter what – the same remedy over and over again and again. This is your so-called constitutional remedy. These well-matched substances reach a person at every level: their body, mind and soul. And this goes for love too. Constitutional remedies are extremely effective in helping a person become more outgoing, by giving them the emotional vibration needed to respond to their partner, making him or her happy.

In homeopathy, over time, so-called constitutional types have emerged: Particular characters that play a role in dating. So, someone belonging to a milder “remedy type” will at best look for a partner from this group. Not an aggressive counterpart who will make them hostage to their emotions at the hands of his or her powerful personality.

The personality test at the end will help you assess your own constitutional type and find the corresponding remedies.

When the Relationship starts to wobble

Pellets for Lovesickness

The lovelorn person feels downright poisoned, feels a combination of restlessness and weakness, with physical complaints felt primarily in the throat and chest. These symptoms make you think primarily of people who have received a dangerous dose of the highly toxic strychnine.

Ignatia 30 CH for lovesickness: to ease the heartache 

Jealously: You feel betrayed and hurt and are fuming inside. There are remedies to help with these types of feelings too.

This explains why Ignatia – a plant from the Loganiaceae family – is the most frequently used homeopathic remedy for lovesickness. While the preparation Ignatia 30 CH no longer contains any strychnine chemically, the carrier solution’s “memory” of this poison alone is enough to act as an antidote for the complaints. As a matter of fact, many who have had to overcome a disappointment in love, report being at peace in their hearts after taking the pellets.

People experience and react to lovesickness in different ways. This needs to be recognized by the health care professional too. Ignatia is needed by all those who suffer at the sensual level, making them feel rejected as a woman or a man.

For others, it is all about honour. They feel betrayed and are upset because of the conditions under which they split up. A typical sign at the physical level is a slightly irritable, dry cough and a deep resentment, an inner seething. In these cases, the remedy Staphysagria 30 CH can be very helpful. After a short time already, that feeling of humiliation starts to subside.

If, on the other hand, jealousy with a tendency to spitefulness and criticizing the partner is on the fore, then the henbane can help. It is available under the name of Hyoscyamus 30 CH. Your emotional condition will generally stabilize within a few hours after taking the remedy.

The henbane is the substance found in the remedy Hyoscyamus 30 CH. It helps with jealousy and the pain of separation. 

In very severe cases, after a break down or when you are feeling that you are going to die because your partner has left you, the remedy Aconite 30 CH – the extremely poisonous Monk’s hood – is very effective. In homeopathic dosage, it is of course harmless. This remedy should be considered in all those cases where the abandonment triggers fear of death.

The blue monk’s hood is suitable in all cases of panic attacks due to separation from the partner.

Remedies for stressed Relationships

Experience shows over and over again that when it comes to devoting yourself to a partner for the long term, people often fail in this great big life task. Homeopathy can help in these cases to lessen or even eliminate conflict:

Natrium Sulphuricum 30 CH: This is a remedy for industrious, uncommunicative people to help them in becoming more open and yielding when talking to their partner.

Phosphoric Acid 30 CH: This medicine is helpful for depressed people who have been through many disappointments, making them emotionally harder and harder.

Kalium Carbonicum 30 CH: This salt eases not only tension and cramping, but also helps to better tolerate somewhat untidy and messy partners.

Phosphorus 30 CH: Has proven to be a good remedy to take in cases of general exhaustion due to stress in the relationship accompanied by fears.

Staphysagria 30 CH: Those who were hurt, disappointed and humiliated by their partner and are boiling inside with indignation will find quick relief from this remedy.

Rhus toxicodendron 30 CH: Works well for people who are stressed by an unpredictable partner who brings them into unpleasant or even dangerous situations over and over again.

Psorinum 30 CH: Those who are hampered by a lack of self-confidence to enforce their own interests within the relationship will find support in this remedy.

Lac humanum 30 CH: This homeopathic preparation of breast milk helps all those who are missing “maternal protection” in the relationship.

Apis 30 CH: This medicine should be tried by those who are constantly jealous and tormented by the fear of losing their partner.

For Dating Stress

Do not, under any circumstances, make a mistake! Being in love means: State of Emergency! You don’t want your rendevouz to be an agonizing experience because of frazzled nerves.

Homeopathic Relief before the first Date

Those who are afraid of becoming nervous and hectic, saying the wrong thing or even stuttering, will do well on Kalium carbonicum 30 CH. If pallor, increased blood pressure or dryness of the mouth is the problem, then Natrium muriaticum 30 CH can help.

Or is it more of an increased heart rate and the feeling of going crazy from excitement and getting weak in the knees? In this case, Calcium phosphoricum 30 CH would be beneficial.

If the descriptions mentioned above do not fit, then there is always the main homeopathic remedy for test situations: Gelsenium C30, the yellow jasmine. This taken half an hour before the date can prevent you from passing out from the excitement.

Sometimes, the stress of dating can also manifest externally, as in pimples or herpes.

These remedies work for pimples: Calcium phosphoricum 30 CH for young women whose acne exacerbates but who also suffer from headaches and flatulence. Causticum 30 CH helps for acne on the nose only. Medorrhinum 30 CH for very itchy acne and Kalium bromatum 30 CH as the main remedy for people with reddish blue acne.

These remedies are effective for herpes blisters: Rhus toxicodendron 30 CH for hurt feelings, Natrium muriaticum 30 CH for reserved people and Cantharis for intensely burning herpes blisters.

Homeopathy increases Attractiveness

Mutual attraction depends, of course, on looks too.  A person’s desire will get increasingly stronger the more they feel flattered and courted by the beloved person. Homeopathy cannot make you young again but it has remedies to help with stress, metabolic overload and connective tissue weakness.

While you will likely look pretty “old” again a few years after having undergone a surgical procedure, gently acting homeopathic medicines, when used correctly, can give lasting results for numerous complaints. And this without the risk of side effects.

Nux vomica 30: For digestive complaints, unpleasant sweat, varicose veins and tear sacs in stressed people who eat a lot of junk food.

Lycopodium 30 CH: When there is a hectic feeling, unfeelingness, distended stomach with flatulence and for people who feel they can’t handle their life situation.

Sulphur 30 CH: For bad breath after every meal, tendency to diarrhea and overloaded metabolism.

Calcium fluoraticum 30 CH: For slim persons with weak connective tissues.

Natrium muriaticum 30 CH: for cellulite, dry skin and dry mucous membranes.

Even for love-making – especially in advanced years – the pellets can help along.

Homeopathy – for increasing Sexual Desire?

Happiness in the relationship is inseparably linked with physical intimacy. Even minor trouble in this department can put a strain on the relationship.

Homeopathy for sexual problems

Ferrum phosphoricum 30 CH: This ferrous salt is a general medicine for infections of the mucous membranes, which can accelerate the healing process.

Cantharis 30 CH: In cases of severely burning, cutting and almost unbearable pains of the mucosa, this remedy will give quick relief.

Staphysagria 30 CH: Helps with aversion or impotency as a result of emotional wounds from being hurt or humiliated by the partner.

Agnus castus 30 CH: The chaste tree boosts the general energy of the elderly for physical love.

Hippomanes C30: This male enhancement remedy which was popular already in ancient times is said to help love along in cases of exhaustion.

Sepia 30 CH: The ink from the cuttle fish helps in cases of painful intercourse. Especially in women wishing to be courted more by their partner.

Sexual Enhancement by using the right remedy

When looking at the prominent sales figures of Viagara, Cialis and others, you would think that sex is becoming more and more the focus of our attention. But when you look at history, you will find that these types of medicines have always been sought after. People in ancient times and in the Middle Ages evidently put even more emphasis on preparing their body for hours of love-making. Most people who sought a healer in those days were looking for love potions rather than medical advice.

The following homeopathic medicines have been proven to somewhat influence a person’s sexual activity:

Lachesis 30 CH: The poison of the snake activates sexual desires and increases the sensual charisma of the body.

Ambra grisea 30 CH: This aroma found in many perfumes helps shy people to overcome feelings of shame.

Phosphorus 30 CH: This flammable element opens the world of feelings and lets everyday worries dwindle away.

Kalium carbonicum 30 CH: This mineral lowers tension in the muscles and helps you relax more.

Bufo 30 CH: The poison of the toad helps with inhibition about strange body secretions and unknown smells.

Petroselium 30 CH: Parsley is not only a popular kitchen herb, but also acts as a general stimulant to sexual organs.


The right Medicine for your Type The big Partnership Test Answer these 30 questions and find out what homeopathic type category you belong to.

The result will then determine your choice of medicine.

Yes No
1. You stay objective in a fight and try to convince your counterpart with arguments. 0 1
2. Your humour can be slightly cynical and hurtful. 2 0
3. You love little love messages, SMS or pieces of paper that you put underneath your partner’s pillow. 0 2
4. The most important thing in a relationship is being able to talk and being understood. 0 2
5. Nothing is better than being seduced. 0 1
6. Are you often accused of not really listening? 2 0
7. Is a passionate kiss already on the first date uncomfortable? 0 2
8. There is nothing worse than a partner who is mad at you. 0 1
9. You love birthdays and other occasions in which you get the chance to look after the family, friends and your partner. 0 2
10. Is it more important to you to build your career quickly than to experience passionate love? 2 0
11. Do you have a problem getting involved in housework? 2 0
12. Is it more important to respond to the needs of your counterpart than to enforce your own? 0 2
13. Does your partner accuse you of wanting to dominate them? 2 0
14. Do you like walking hand in hand with your partner and exchange affections in public? 0 1
15. Your first question after an orgasm is: How was I? 2 0
16. Only one person can be right in a relationship. You believe that you are generally  that person. 2 0
17. You talk to others to find out how they think. 0 1
18. You can live perfectly well without sex because all that matters is love! 0 1
19. You do not like it when your partner makes their own decisions. 2 0
20. Giving a talk is very embarrassing for you. 0 1
21. A day gone by without saying “I love you” is a lost day. 0 1
22. You prefer to leave decisions up to your partner. He is the stronger one and can be counted on 100 %. 0 2
23. You prefer to seduce rather than be seduced yourself. 2 0
24. If your partner tells you his problems you get irritated easily. 2 0
25. One-night-stands are okay. They are a part of life like butter and bread. 2 0
26. If somebody interrupts you, you stop talking and let the other person talk. 0 2
27. You avoid getting into arguments – even when it would be important for you to join in. 0 1
28. You love presents and the best presents are the unexpected ones. 0 2
29. You are embarrassed to talk about your sexual desires. You would prefer it if your partner would figure them out on his or her own. 0 1
30. When there is a bad mood, you approach your partner to make up. 0 2
Score 41 – 50  Very energetic31 – 40  Energetic

21 – 30  in between type (undefined)

11 – 20  reserved

0 – 10  very withdrawn


Choices of homeopathic remedies based on Type


Very energetic Type

Anacardium (cashew nut), Aurum metallicum (gold), Bufo rana (toad poison), Calcarea sulphurica (calcium sulphate), Chamomilla, Colocynthis (squirting cucumber), Elaps corallines (coral snake), Flouric Acid, Hepar sulphur (sulphuret of lime),Hyoscyamus (henbane), Lachesis (bushmaster snake), Lycopodium clavatum (wolf’s foot), Lyssinum (saliva of a rabid dog), Mercurius (quicksilver), Niccolum (nickel), Nitric Acid, Nux vomica (poison nut), Platinum, Plumbum metallicum (lead), Stramonium (thorn apple), Syphilinum (syphilitic nosode),  Tarentula (wolf spider), Theridion (orange spider ), Tuberculinum (pus with bacilli from tubercular abscess), Veratrum Album (white Hellebore).


Energetic Type

Agaricus  muscarius  (toadstool), Apis mellifica (poison of the honey bee), Argentum metallicum (silver), Arsencium album (arsenic), Belladonna (deadly nightshade), Berberis vulgaris (barberry), Calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonate), Causticum Hahnemanni (Hahnemann’s tincture acris sine Kali), Cicuta virosa (water hemlock), Conium maculatum (poison hemlock), Crocus sativus (saffron), Cuprum metallicum (copper), Drosera rotundifolia (sundew), Dulcamara (bittersweet), Ferrum metallicum (iron), Kalium carbonicum (potassium carbonate), Kalium sulphuricum (potassium sulphate), Lac caninum (bitch’s milk), Ledum palustre (wild rosemary), Manganum (carbonate and acetate of manganese), Natrium sulphuricum (sodium sulphate), Palladium, Paris quadrifolia (one-berry), Sepia (cuttle fish), Sulphur.


In-between Type

For the “in-between type” it is not possible to make any recommendations. The result is too neutral. Perhaps you are a little too critical of yourself. Try to involve your partner or a friend in the evaluation. This may give you a more definite result.


Reserved Type

Antimonium crudum (sulphide of antimony), Arnica Montana (leopard’s bane), Bromium (bromine), Bryonia alba (wild hop), Cactus grandiflorus (night-blooming cereus), Calcarea phosphorica (phosphate of lime), Carbo vegetabilis (vegetable charcoal), Coffea cruda (coffee bean), Ignatia amara (St. Ignatius bean), Kalium bromatum (potassium bromide), Kalium phosphoricum (phosphate of potassium), Lilium tigrinum (tiger lilly), Magnesium carbonicum (carbonate of magnesia), Medorrhinum (gonorrhoeal virus), Mezereum (Daphne mezereum), Naja tripudians (cobra virus), Natrium muriaticum (common salt), Phosphorus, Rhus toxicodendron (poison ivy),  Silicea (pure silica), Staphysagria (stavesacre), Strontium carbonicum (strontium carbonate), Sulphuricum acidum (sulphuric acid), Thuja occidentalis (tree of life).


Very withdrawn Type

Aconitum napellus (monkshood),  Alumina (oxide of aluminum), Ambra grisea (ambergris), Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate), Baryta carbonica (barium carbonate), Calcarea fluorica (calcium fluoride), Capsicum (cayenne pepper), Carduus marianus (St. Mary’s thistle),China officinalis (Peruvian bark), Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh), Cocculus indicus (indian cockle), Cyclamen europaeum (sowbread), Gelsemium sempervirens (yellow jasmine), Graphites (black lead), Iodium (iodine), Nux moschata (nutmeg), Pulsatilla pratensis (Anemone), Psorinum (sero-purulent matter of a scabies vesicle), Kalium arsenicosum (potassium arsenite), Lac defloratum (skim milk), Lac humanum (breast milk), Selenium metallicum (selenium), Viola odorata (violet).



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