Chasing appointments, pressure to perform, competition, environmental stresses, personal conflicts – there are many
stressors that make life difficult for today’s men and women. But luckily, nature has a variety of well-proven remedies on hand to help you regain your strength.

It’s a phenomenon of our time: Moreand more people are feeling tired, exhausted and drained. Many do not have
enough energy to cope with the demands of our modern lifestyle. But there is help: You can use the power of nature to condition your body!

The term weakness doesn’t really fit into our modern lifestyle. Rather, today’s world demands high performance. Ever increasing
amounts of data need to be processed. But many are not able to cope with this pace on a permanent basis. Particularly since there are additional factors
that  can drain your energy: Environmental stresses for example, such as residential poisons, noise, electric smog.

It is not only the adults who often feel maxed out these
days, but children and adolescents too. Family doctors and health care
practitioners hear more and more complaints such as lack of motivation,
lethargy and exhaustion. Those who drag themselves through the day feeling
heavy and burdened lose their vitality too. Then there’s listlessness – it’s a vicious cycle.

Most of the time, the medical diagnoses do not give any
information with respect to an organic cause. Lab results often do not help
either. It is therefore not uncommon for tired patients to be labeled neurotics,
fakes or hypochondriacs. Still, we are talking about a serious symptom that
cannot be measured in medical terms but needs to be clarified nevertheless.

Occasional tiredness is really something normal. It signals
the body and soul’s need for rest in order to regain strength. Every activity
calls for a period of rest after completion – this is a natural law. But modern
man (and woman) often feels so much under pressure that he or she does not pay
enough attention to the essential question of relaxation. In this way, the buckling in performance is in a sense bound to occur.

This is why we should always remember that we are no robots
that work at the touch of a button. So let’s respect our biological clock and
learn to understand our bodies’ messages.

When Fatigue is caused by Illness

The following can be accompanied by exhaustion
and lack of motivation: Diabetes, anemia with lack of iron, low blood pressure,
heart failure, arteriosclerosis, hypothyroidism. But also infectious diseases,
herpes, Epstein-Barr-Virus, tuberculosis, tumours, leukemia or metabolic disorders.

Liver complaints and also be responsible forchronic fatigue. Since the liver is more of a “silent” organ that does not
cause any pain when there is a medical condition, its pathological signals are
often missed. In natural medicine we understand the pain of the liver to be
fatigue. In order to improve the state of exhaustion in these cases, it is always the underlying disease that needs to be treated.

The commonest Causes

There are many causes for fatigue and declining energy.
Organic dysfunctions can be accounted for in only about ten percent. The
diagnosis for the other 90 percent is indeed difficult. There are numerous factors that need to be considered:

Often, there is • nervous exhaustion felt after extended periods of stress, after overwork and mental overload. Persistent • noise can
also have a debilitating effect on someone’s vital energy. It is often not apperceived any more. Similarly, • electric
is treated much in the same way. Thanks to mobile phones, radio masts,
high-voltage power lines, etc. we are exposed to a so-called amphotonic voltage disturbance that can wear us out with time.

Also, • geopathical negative radiation is bad for our vitality, • Residential poisons (synthetic carpets, formaldehyde containing
paints, cleaning agents, etc.) can constitute an increased risk. Additional • environmental stresses come from the
air (exhaust fumes, industrial areas) or from the diet (sprayed fruit and vegetables, additives such as colour, stabilizers and preservatives in our
daily food), and overtax our immune system.

Performance decreasing effects are also seen with • amalgam fillings in the teeth, as well as long-term use of • medication
(antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills, blood pressure lowering drugs, diuretics, etc.)

A • lack of vital nutrition (lacking vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential fatty acids) can also cause fatigue. • Lack
of oxygen
due to lack of exercise or breathing errors, too. Up to 90 percent of the population in Western countries breathe wrongly or poorly, that
is, too shallow and too tense. The conscious perception and observation of the expiratory flow rate has a regulating effect.

Snoring and apnea (breathing rhythm disturbances) in sleep can also cause a lack of oxygen, which will encourage fatigue.


Chronic Fatigue – the Yuppie Syndrome

Even children and youth are confronted with the fatigue syndrome

When Americans discovered this abnormal fatigue, they found a fitting label for it right away: the “Yuppie Syndrome”. In medical
terms, the words burnout or chronic fatigue syndrome are also commonly used. The
symptoms are characterized by increased mental and physical weariness. The problem
is on-going for several months with no noticeable improvement and accompanied by a minimum 50 % drop in level of performance.

In general, the symptoms are similar to those of an acute form of the flu. Additionally, there is unexplainable pain and weakness
in the muscles, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and either a slightly elevated
or subnormal temperature. Also joint pain, sleep disturbances, difficulties in concentration, irritability and a tendency to depression are often typical.

In Western countries, we see ever more cases of this chronic fatigue syndrome. Some even associate it with a weakened immune
system. 20 to 40-year-olds are often among the affected, as well as career and
achievement oriented people, 75 % of which are women. CFS is also widespread among youth and children.

Because of the many different factors that can be responsible for chronic fatigue syndrome, there not one general suggestion for
treatment. Therefore, the therapy is usually individual and based on the symptoms.


How Nature’s Pharmacy can help

Natural medicine uses a combination of treatments to combat declining energy

  • Homeopathic remedies for overall physical,
    emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Healing plants for strengthening
  • Natural and full-fledged diet to supply
    important vital substances
  • Physical applications for activating resistance
  • Movement training for mobilizing physical
  • Relaxation techniques to find inner calm.


Homeopathic Remedies

Ideally,you should be on a homeopathic constitutional remedy which is completely individualized
to your particular set of symptoms. Your constitutional remedy will strengthen
and balance your body in a holistic way, incorporating your physical, emotional
as well as mental symptoms. It is a very unique form of treatment as it brings
rejuvenating energy to your body. It is very beneficial to have a
constitutional remedy because it can be used to treat both chronic and acute
complaints, and help to prevent future problems. As this form of treatment is
quite in-depth, a professional consultation is required to determine what your
constitutional remedy is. We would we happy to book an appointment for you for
a consultation, or for a complimentary information session to answer additional
questions. Please call the clinic at (519) 603-0505.

But there are also a number of homeopathic remedies that help specifically with
chronic fatigue. Here too, it is best to consult a homeopathic practitioner for most suitable remedy.

  • Kali phos

helps with fatigue accompanied by trembling, due to stress or nervous exhaustion from
overwork. Symptoms include irritability, anxiety, fear of losing control and
muscle fatigue upon exertion. A great remedy for students!

  • Arsenicum album

works well  for exhaustion accompanied by anxiety, constant feeling of cold with joint and muscle pain, aching and
burning all over from stiffness, weakness with exertion, tendency to migraines, loose bowels and blurred vision.

  • Nux vomica

is a good remedy for people who are irritable and fatigued due to lack of sleep, stress or overwork. Tense muscles, feeling chilled, joint pain and indigestion
are symptoms. Can also be used for jet lag.

  • Phosphoricum acidum

helps with emotional and physical exhaustion, often due to grief or unprecedented circumstances. A great remedy for teenagers.

  • Picricum acidum

is another good remedy for students who feel exhausted from mental exertion after
over-study. There is often an aversion to food here and the fatigue may cause lack
willpower and determination. Frequent headaches that are relieved by strong pressure.

  • Silicea

works well for headaches and exhaustion caused by overwork. There is a tendency to chilliness
and sensitiveness to cold air. Cramps in the calves and soles of the feet are further symptoms. Vaginal discharge.

  • Zincum metallicum

helps with nervous debility and restless legs. Forgetfulness and a tendency to repeat
things. There is mental exhaustion and oversensitivity to noise, teeth grinding during sleep.


Vitalizing Herbs

There are numerous healing herbs in nature that have proven to
be strengthening in cases of fatigue. The advantage is that these tonic
medicinal plants can be chosen according to a person’s individual
symptomatology. Because different types of break downs require the use of
specific corresponding healing plants. They are usually available as
prefabricated compounds in health food stores, but some are also given in the
form of a homeopathic remedy. Others can be prepared as a tea by adding a cup
of boiling hot water to 1 tsp. of the recommended healing plant. You then let
the tea steep for 5 minutes, filter it off and drink the tea unsweetened or
sweetened with honey 3 times per day after meals, for 3 weeks.

  • Pimpinella Saxifraga

This curative root was already highly valued by the ancient
Dakota Indians. Crushed into a powder, tribal residents gave it to the chiefs as an energy boosting elixir of life.

In fact, the tea made from the root is a helpful natural medicine for strengthening and revitalizing after periods of exhaustion,
fatigue and debility due to illnesses (flu, cold) and during periods of recovery.

  • Urtica dioica

This plant has a high health value in cases of debility as a result of lack of iron and
. The freshly pressed juice of the stinging nettle increases the iron
content in the blood and promotes formation of new blood, which is
re-vitalizing and has a long-lasting effect on a person’s wellbeing.

  • Ginkgo biloba

Its leaves contain valuable flavonoids which can improve the
capillary circulation. Lack of energy as
a result of cerebral blood flow dysfunction
can be treated successfully
with Ginkgo preparations. Difficulties in concentration and forgetfulness will
improve. Ginkgo is also helpful for age-related
lack of motivation
and declining intellectual capabilities.

  • Avena Sativa

Oats are the concentrated feed for horses. In natural
medicine, oats are also very important. The grain is rich in vitamins B1, B2,
B6, E and K, and in pantothenic acid, lecithin and phosphorus. You can get
prefabricated compounds or fresh plant tinctures in health food stores. Oats
are recommended as an effective boosting and strengthening remedy in cases of weakness of the nerves, exhaustion due to unrest and restlessness.

  • Leonurus cardiaca

The active agents in the motherwort increase the coronary
flow, that is, the quantity of blood that supplies the heart muscle, and can
act as a calcium antagonist too. This leads to a verifiable improvement in
cardiac output. It can be used to alleviate heart related debility. A tea made
of dried motherwort could therefore be recommended in cases of functional complaints of the heart
which are often accompanied by exhaustion, overtiredness, loss of energy and loss of strength.

  • Hypericum perfoliatum

The St. John’s wort is loaded with units of lights that have
the function of brightening and cheering up a person’s spirits. As a healing
plant in the form of tea, St. John’s Wort can bring the psyche back into
balance if the day is dominated by upset,
unrest and debility
. It warms the soul most of all, and gives the necessary nerve strength.

  • Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender blooms and smells “blue” – its odour flatters the
soul. Also as a healing plant in the form of a tea, lavender has the power to
release emotional tension and pent-up emotions. It is suitable for the
treatment of weakness and debility due
to atmosphere related syndrome and sensitivity to changes in the weather
It also helps with drowsiness, circulatory insufficiency, decreased attention and exhaustion.

  • Taraxacum officinate

Imagine a spring without meadows covered in bright dandelions.
It looks as if though the sun had fallen on the earth. The roots are rich in
bitters and glycosides which are particularly helpful for body cleansing, detoxification and supporting digestion in springtime
. Dandelion also helps to eliminate problems with digestion
accompanied by constipation, metabolic slags and liver and gallbladderdysfunctions which are often accompanied by a loss of energy and power.

  • Silybum marianum

The active ingredients encapsulated in the seeds of
silymarin include liver cell forming, liver detoxifying and liver function
strengthening properties. The milk thistle is a first-rate liver protection
remedy and has proven itself as a therapeutic plant remedy for regeneration and
detoxification of the liver. The healing plant can also be recommended to help
with catching radicals. Free radicals that burden the body with fatigue, lack
of energy and lethargy can be rendered harmless.  Finally, the milk thistle can also be
recommended for debility due to the ingestions of allopathic medication.

  • Peucedanum ostruthium

Already the name “masterwort” implies that numerous healing
substances lie dormant in this plant. Historic tradition recounts that even
Paracelsus, the “king of doctors” always carried a masterwort with him on his
wanderings using it as a universal remedy for all sorts of complaints.

Modern clinical examinations confirm that the active
ingredients in the masterwort strengthen the immune system. It is recommended
in cases of weakened, exhausted and worn
out people
that are prone to illness because of their body’s decreased defenses. When prepared in the form of a tea, this
root can activate an amazing power potential.

  • Passiflora incarnata

In the mid 90’s of the last century the medicinal action of
the passion flower was studied intensely. It was found that the active
ingredients could be used as a plant-based tranquilizer for relieving the day-to-day rush, overstimulation, time
pressure, lack of sleep and stress
. The tea of the passion flower brings
inner calm and balance, composure, better quality
of sleep and stress management
as well as physical and emotional strength.

  • Thymus pulegoides

The tiny creeping thyme is a much sought after healing
plant. Especially when it comes to relieving a person’s debility often cropping up after respiratory and urinary tract
. The loss of strength is noticeable in the extremities and
associated with extreme fatigue. Experience has shown that this plant,
especially when prepared as a tea, drives weakness out of the body.

  • Rodiola rosea

The mode of action of the golden root was researched over
the past decades especially in Scandinavia, Russia and Armenia with remarkable
results: It stimulates the release of neurotransmitters in the brain,
especially Serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin and acetylcholine. The golden root
improves concentration and memory and increases efficiency during fatigue,
exhaustion and lack of motivation. It promotes endurance in sports. It can also
help students with decreasing learning ability and who are tired of school.
Environmental poisons can be neutralized. The golden root is an excellent
natural medicine for treating age-related
complaints such as loss of memory, forgetfulness, difficulties in concentration and lethargy

  • Rosmarinus officinalis

This plant emits a balmy refreshing fragrance. When we smell
it, our thoughts become clearer. In natural medicine, rosemary is recommended
as a tea for circulatory complaints with
low blood pressure, apathy, loss of energy, weakness and exhaustion

Energy boosting home remedies

To overcome fatigue by drinking coffee is a bad solution. A
much better idea is to use re-vitalizing home remedies that are available at
health food stores. For example:

  • Sea buckthorn juice for weakened children.

This pressed juice of the red-orange coloured sea buckthorn
fruit is especially rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamin E and beta
carotin. With respect to its shelf life, it has an edge over others too. The
carotenoid ensures that the vitamin C is preserved even when stored for a
longer period of time. This fruit juice can be recommended particularly for
weakened children by adding a tsp. of it to their daily yoghurt or giving it
sweetened in a little honey.

  • Acerola for weakened immune defenses

The Barbados cherry with its high vitamin C content, and
vitamins B1, B2 and B6, as well as nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, carotene and
flavonoids can be recommended for recurring colds.  Those affected often complain about constant
fatigue, from which they can hardly recover. Acerola regenerates states of
debility which are the result of the body’s weakened immune defenses.


  • Spirulina for environmental stresses

Spirulina can positively influence a number of conditions of
debility occurring as a result of environmental poisons and slags (diet). They
are often accompanied by lack of concentration, lacklustre hair, breaking
nails, anemia, tendency to colds, herpes labialis, lack of iron, bleeding gums
and digestive problems. The blue-green microalgae is able to bond environmental
poisons such as lead, mercury, etc. and eliminate them via the liver or the kidney.


  • Royal Jelly in the period of recovery

Royal jelly is the food taken by the queen in the beehive.
This power food enables her to lay up to 3,000 eggs per day. Scientists have
researched this power food for years. The ingredients are widely known today:
Vitamins B1, B2, B6, Pantothenic acid, folic acid, up to 30 amino acids,
minerals, trace elements, sterols and hormones. They have an exceptionally beneficial strengthening effect.


  • Pollen strengthens the heart

Pollen is the baby food of the bees. They contain more than
20 amino acids. Russian researchers have also found high concentrations of
rutin, which is a natural substance that improves the capillary circulation and
oxygen supply of the heart muscle and coronary vessels. In this way, pollen is
especially effective in strengthening the heart.


  • Barley to combat lack of vital substance:

The content of vital substances in our food has dropped
drastically due to depleted, acidic soil and over challenged cultivation
(plantations, greenhouses). Fennel, for example, now contains only a fifth of
the beta carotene, broccoli only a third of the calcium and carrots only barely
half of the magnesium it did ten years ago. These differences in the contents
of vital substances foster states of debility in many people. If you want to
stay vital and energetic, consider enhancing your diet with a barley extract.
Barley is a treasury of vitamins (including vitamin B12), amino acids, enzymes, minerals and trace elements.


  • Other recommendable tonics are:

Lecithin, omega-3 fatty acids, noni juice, papaya, aloe vera
juice, shiitake mushrooms, coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, grapefruit extract, guarana, lycopene, colostrum.


Vitalizing Diet

When you are feeling weighed down by fatigue, it is
important to follow a full-fledged diet consisting primarily of organic fruits
and vegetables. This ensures that the organism is getting vital substances such
as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Make sure to include salads, veggies,
whole grain bread and rice, muesli, certified raw milk, organic yoghurt,
freshly pressed grapefruit, orange and apple juice from organic fruits. Also,
oats in all variations should be included in the daily diet – especially for
children. The bioflavonoid chrysin found in broccoli also has strengthening properties.

Stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, cola as well
as refined products such as white flour and sugar should be avoided as these
substances reduce the vitamin reserves in the organism. It is also very
important to have good and regular bowel movements. Raw sauerkraut stimulates
sluggish digestion. To season your food, use rosemary, thyme, borage and paprika.


Following the guidelines of father Kneipp by stimulating the
body’s own defense system has proven to be very helpful in cases of debility. Do
the Kneipp affusions according to your body’s condition. People with a weak
circulatory system who are very sensitive to the cold should limit the
stimulation to dry brushing. But those who can tolerate the cold stimulation
well, can do daily partial or full body showers. Thermal stimulation via the
skin has a positive effect on the circulation, the nervous system and
metabolism. However, the showers can only be taken once the body is warmed up.

Patients who are bedridden are treated with strengthening
washes and subsequent dry brushing of the skin. (Cold vinegar water: 1 tbsp. of
vinegar diluted in 1 l of water).

Active exercise

It has been proven that in cases of continued fatigue, for
example after a long illness, even insignificant levels of physical exercise are
enough to keep the muscles and the locomotor system functioning efficiently.
This is why daily training suitable to the individual is of great benefit even
in cases of prolonged debility. Be it gymnastics, walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, to name a few.

Exertion and relaxation

Every type of exertion requires power and a corresponding
recovery phase. But this doesn’t mean that we should constantly be lazy when we
are not running up to speed. Relaxation is really a rhythmic changeover from
active exercise to reposing. Therefore, it would be very beneficial to make
some time on a daily basis to rejuvenate, by relaxing with music, meditation,
breathing exercises, yoga or just simply taking a nap at noon. Additionally, exercising
outside in the open air or watching nature will also help the body, mind and soul to regain strength.